Within the MAG-Performance Team, there are different classes for drivers, which are assigned on

the basis of the particular characteristics but always united with the ultimate goal of favouring

the growth of the team and the driver.


Solid experience into a team

and strong driving knowledge.


Consolidated experience into a team

and good driving knowledge.


Attitude to grow and learn. Focus on the fair-play

on & off the track.


MAG-Performance it’s an International SimRacing Team, founded at November of 2020.

Our Team aims to be competitive at hightest international level inspired by two pillars: Fastness&Fairness.

MAG-Performance it’s constantly in search of the Pro Drivers that have the will and attitude for their grow and teamwork.

Team offers opportunities for novice drivers, that are in search of a team to give them  the support and the knowledge to improve themselves and each other.

Our drivers race daily online at


A selection of the best news from the world of Sim Racing. Victories, Qualifications, participation in the most prestigious championships, updates on and all our commercial partners.

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Quinto appuntamento a 🇩🇪 #hockenheim del 🇮🇹 #cietc TRAK RACER Italia 2022 🇮🇹 ACI ESport #iRacing.Il Punto di Maurizio Cairoli! SimRacingWave Italy simracing #simracingleague #esports #campionatoitaliano #aciesport #aci...

C.I. ACI ESportTouring Car TRAK RACER Italia 2022 🇮🇹 #iracing Round 5 🇩🇪 #hockenheimring

C.I. ACI ESportTouring Car TRAK RACER Italia 2022 🇮🇹 #iracing Round 5 🇩🇪 #hockenheimring

CHECKERED FLAG!!MANCHE 11° Matteo Graziano - MAG-Performance Sim Racing Team2° Brandon Hawkin - SRC Mivano Corse3° Andrea Bristot - MAG-Performance Sim Racing TeamMANCHE 21° Matteo Graziano - MAG-Performance Sim Racing Team2° Andrea Stefanina3° Brandon Hawkin - SRC...


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